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Buying your first home is exciting – and scary! But once you take the plunge, and make it your own, you never regret it.


Silvia, struggling to part with her earnest money deposit last year before becoming a first-time homeowner!


After a decade living in The District and her fair share of roommates (some good, some… not so good), Silvia decided she was ready to get her own place. Although her native Chicago would always be “home”, she was making her own life in D.C.

Working with Dana, she knew she wanted a location with a reasonable commute to work, space to entertain her friends, a pool – if possible, and above all else: a fantastic closet.

It didn’t take long for Dana to find what she wanted – a great condo in Northwest D.C., 20 minutes from work, an open living/dining room, MULTIPLE pools, and the all important walk-in-closet. In its original state, it wasn’t all that impressive. But, Silvia had vision.

“Dana and I literally imagined what I could do with that space – it was my selling point.”



Before getting her hands on it, the closet had plenty of space, but wasn’t being used well. The clothing racks were all one height and most of the shelving was tough to reach.


No specific space was set to use for shoes, handbags, and other accessories.


Almost a year after buying, Silvia has updated that closet, and made it her own. Gone are the builder-grade shelves and the “one height fits all” clothing rods.


Working with The Container Store, Silvia designed an Elfa system specific to her space and needs.



After the design process, The Container Store sent someone over to physically install the system. About four hours later: TA-DA! Dream closet!


Highlights include: shelving at various heights to accommodate garments of all different lengths.


A shoe “gallery” wall.


Functional use of space that is easy to keep organized.


Plenty of storage space for luggage and new pieces.


Specific area for handbags and sliding drawers that “hide” folded items.


Making your new home “your own” is the true joy of homeownership. Knowing what you want in the future as you’re looking helps your agent point out what is possible down the road with a property – certain things that you might not notice yourself.

If you’re considering buying for the first time, but aren’t sure about the process, or what is available, schedule an informal meeting with us. We’re happy to guide you as you contemplate this milestone.


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