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Sometimes, the biggest obstacle to selling your home is overcoming emotional attachments to the property. It can be hard to detach yourself from memories after living someplace for a number of years, or from items in the home you love that typically convey with sale.

It’s important to remember that there’s nothing in the home you can’t take with you as long as you let your agent know, and you properly write it into the contract.

Once, we had a seller who was distressed over the thought of leaving behind a family heirloom – a beautiful chandelier light fixture. We assured her she had nothing to worry about, she could take her beloved chandelier with her, as long as we covered our bases.

The key to taking it without negatively impacting the sale is: having it removed and stored off-site prior to listing the property. Replace it with a fixture that fits the style and size of the room, so buyers never know something else was installed there to begin with.

As a seller, you never want to show buyers something they ultimately can’t have, when that item typically conveys under the contract. 

In a different situation, we saw a $3 million deal almost fall apart over a one of a kind door-knocker. The owner intended to keep it, but never told their agent. During final walk-through, the buyer found a cheap knock-off in its place and threatened to pull out of the sale. The seller complied, but these kinds of last minute stresses can easily be avoided if you’re completely up front with your agent about appliances and fixtures you intend to keep.

Learn more about this topic in this #AskAnslie video. 

As agents we understand that selling a home can be an emotional undertaking. We’re here to make the process as easy on you as possible by making sure you’re fully informed about and at ease with your decision. If you’re considering selling, and would like to learn more about how we can help, schedule a free consultation.


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