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When I was a freshly minted real estate agent in 2004, I was as tech-savvy as they came. I had a flip phone that could take 1-megapixel photos, a digital camera, a laptop with Skype on it, and a car with a built-in GPS navigation system. Buyers would see our listings online, but only with so-so photos. And our buyers and seller clients had to use a scanner or fax machine to sign contracts!

Fast-forward 13 years (and counting), and the times have changed. Now, tech is a huge part of the game.

From digital marketing strategy to top-of-the-line visuals and targeted advertising, new tools and tech to make our clients’ experiences so much better.


  • Our Mid-Atlantic multiple listing service is widely considered one of the best in the country.
  • Only agents have access to the system directly and data integrity is exceptional.


MLS search emails

  • By setting up a search in the MLS directly for our clients, we are ensuring that they are getting the most accurate data and early access to ‘coming soon’ listings.
  • These listings are not available on any other website!
  • If you are a buyer looking at homes, then getting an MLS search set up for you means we can get you these behind-the-scenes MLS perks.



  • Forget all the other 3rd party real estate apps; this is the only one you need because it is the only app with a direct feed from the MLS.
  • Easiest access to coming soon listings and other data.



  • Allows us to securely send our clients listing agreements, contracts, and addenda for their e-signatures on a PC, laptop, tablet or phone.
  • Means we can go almost-paperless.



  • The client-side version of Docusign.
  • Easy e-signing on any device at no cost to our clients.


Sentrilock Electronic Lockboxes

  • These lockboxes are operated via a smartphone app, which allows us to tightly control who can access a listing.
  • Safe, secure, and monitored so can always trust who’s seeing your home.



  • A secure system for scheduling access to a listing for a buyer agent showing, appraiser, or inspector.


Professional photographers, videographers, and 3D scan technicians

  • We’re obsessed with magazine-quality marketing photos and videos. Buyers need to be able to see our sellers’ homes at their best, with the most detail, in the highest quality we can find.
  • 3D scanning is incredibly important to get that walkthrough feel from home.



  • Our ultimate document storage hub.
  • Easy, fast access, with sharing features and secure cloud storage.



  • A note-sharing system our team uses to securely sync important client notes.
  • Our entire team is always on the same page regarding your needs and wants.



  • An incredibly secure app we use for depositing checks via smartphone.



  • While we know DC like the back of our hand, we don’t always know where traffic is.
  • Waze uses crowdsourced traffic and accident reporting to help us find the quickest route to showings and tours
  • Less time driving, more time exploring!


Skype and Facetime

  • Not in the area but still want to buy a house? We have you covered with our Skype and FaceTime tours of properties.
  • We managed to complete an entire transaction sight-unseen via Facetime, with clients all the way in Malaysia. Read all about it here!


Mobilenow, Parkmobile, Pango

  • We’re parallel parking pros, which means we feed a lot of meters. These apps let us pay for parking without having to scrounge for quarters.


React Mobile

  • Safety first! This is an app we always have open and on-hand when we are touring properties alone.
  • With a single touch, police can be called and our team and designated loved ones contacted.
  • Completely customizable and makes us feel much safer!



  • Allows our sellers to know when showings are scheduled at their listing.
  • Sellers can participate in the approval process if needed!



  • All the technology and apps above are critical in serving our clients, but the reality is that we’re in a business that requires constant communication.
  • We still do it “old school” – we’re constantly calling clients, agents, lenders, title companies, stagers, appraisers, neighbors, cleaners, inspectors… and more.
  • We’re definitely into the high-tech but we always need reliable, consistent devices so you can get updates fast.


From tech-savvy millennials to octogenarian without a mobile phone, we always meet you at your level. Want to learn more? See our promises here!

See how our favorite real estate tools can improve your next transaction – call us for a consultation today at 202.270.1081, email us at anslie@thestokesgroup.com, or send us a message here.


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The Stokes Group is a team of dedicated professionals who have passion for the real estate business and will advocate for our clients with the utmost honesty, integrity, and confidentiality. We believe in building solid relationships with our clients and that starts by getting to know who we are. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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