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As real estate agents, we reach a lot of clients through word-of-mouth. We also recognize that the internet has changed the way buyers and sellers make decisions. And that’s a good thing.  

Today, it’s easier than ever to find an agent that can meet your needs. You have the tools at your fingertips. Through these four simple steps, we’ll help you use them to find an agent who will surpass your expectations. 


1) Do Your Research 

Hop online and check out the real estate professionals working in your area. Every agent or team should have an informative, professional-looking website that gives you an idea of what it’s like to work with them. 

For each agent, ask yourself: what’s their approach? Is there a type of client they prefer to work with—such as first-time condo buyers, or families looking to upsize their homes? What do past clients have to say about their services? I can tell you from experience, when clients are satisfied, getting positive testimonials isn’t a problem.

If an experienced agent doesn’t offer testimonials on their website, it could be a red flag.  

Once you know what your options are, you’ll have a much better idea of what you’re looking for. From there, you can narrow down your list of candidates to the few who seem like they’d be a good fit. 


2) Ask The Right Questions 

Now that you’ve chosen a few potential agents to work with, it’s a matter of finding out who you click best with, right?  

Yes and no.  

Of course, you want an agent who you genuinely like and can have a good working relationship with. But your final decision should be based on more than gut instinct. 

When you interview an agent, try to determine what their track record is like. Are they willing to  provide you with references? Can they explain, step-by-step, how they’ve helped specific clients in the past? 

You should focus equally on what the agent plans to do for you. Even at this early stage, they should be able to tell you a bit about how they’ll market your home (if you’re a seller) or find you a home that meets your criteria (if you’re a buyer). 

An agent should never react defensively to a request for references or detailed information. It’s about building trust. That’s why I always strive to answer common questions up front—before buyers and sellers have to ask. 


3) Talk To Several Agents 

When it comes to buying or selling property, you should make an informed decision. Talking to several agents allows you to determine who will best serve your needs. 

For example: some us have strong professional networks, which means we’re able to offer you helpful referrals. But not every agent will advertise referrals as part of their services. Through discussion, you’ll learn the unique strengths and qualities that each professional brings to the table. 

Conducting several interviews will also give you a better sense of who you can trust. Credible agents won’t tell you exactly what you want to hear. They’ll warn sellers about the danger of overpricing a home.

If one agent seems overly optimistic compared to the others you speak to, tread carefully.  


4) Verify All Information 

The agent you choose is going to help you carry out one of biggest transactions of your lifetime. Even after a real estate professional has impressed you with their knowledge, expertise, and enthusiasm, you want to make sure they’re the absolute best person for the job. 

If you’re feeling the least bit unsure, perform a bit more research near the end of your decision-making process. If you connected with one agent in particular, double check that the stats and market insights they mentioned are correct. And if you didn’t ask for references earlier, you can always do so now. 

Agents understand what a big decision you’re making. We want you to feel confident that we have your best interests at heart. Some of the best advice I can offer is to never be afraid of asking for further clarification when you need it. 

Looking for a trustworthy and experienced real estate team? We’d love to discuss the results we’ve achieved for clients in the past—and walk you through what we can do for you. Let’s talk! Give us a call at 202.270.1081 or email us at anslie@thestokesgroup.com.


The Stokes Group is a team of dedicated professionals who have passion for the real estate business and will advocate for our clients with the utmost honesty, integrity, and confidentiality. We believe in building solid relationships with our clients and that starts by getting to know who we are. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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