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Perhaps you are looking to move-up from your condo to make room for your growing family, or maybe you have an investment property that you would like to improve before you rent or sell. No matter what your long-term real estate goals are, there is plenty you can do in the short-term to raise the value of your condo and sell for the absolute best price.

From small updates to large projects, here are 5 ways to raise the value of your condo:

  1. Easy Changes That Make a Big Impact

Outdated features can easily turn buyers away from your condo and decrease its value. If you are looking to modernize the space without time-consuming renovations, consider refreshing the walls with a contemporary and on-trend color, replacing carpet with hardwood, and switching out light fixtures and hardware. You would be surprised by the impact these simple upgrades can make.

  1. Renovate Where It Counts

A top-to-bottom condo renovation is rarely necessary–or within budget. Instead, focus your time and money on the rooms that will give you the most bang for your buck: the kitchen and bathroom. New appliances, countertops, and spa-like finishes can take any condo from bland to beautiful.

  1. Check In On Your Building Management

You can only do so much in your condo unit to raise the property’s value. A potential buyer’s first impression will be made as soon as they pull up to the building itself; they will be taking into consideration the parking, curb appeal, building’s overall well-being, elevator service, and more, which are out of your control. Before you list your condo, take inventory of all of the issues outside of your unit that may give pause to a prospective buyer, and check in with the homeowner’s association and building management to see what can be done.

  1. Make the Most of Small Spaces

A little bit of space can hold a lot of potential–to uncover it, start by decluttering and depersonalizing your condo. For a bigger project, add built-in shelving or additional storage options and expand closets if possible. Outdoor space can be a make or break factor for some buyers, so whether you have a large deck or a small balcony, make the most of it by adding plants, furniture, and lighting to create a comfortable and inviting outdoor living space.

  1. Work with an Agent Who Will Price It Properly

There is no better way to raise the value of your condo than to enlist the help of professionals. To start, you can find out how much your condo is worth right now, right here. Our team will work with you from start to finish by suggesting value-raising improvements, connecting you with local specialists to get each job done, and negotiating top dollar once the offers come in.

See how our team can help you raise the value of your condo. Give us a call at 202.270.1081 or email us at anslie@thestokesgroup.com, and let’s talk.

The Stokes Group is a team of dedicated professionals who have passion for the real estate business and will advocate for our clients with the utmost honesty, integrity, and confidentiality. We believe in building solid relationships with our clients and that starts by getting to know who we are. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


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