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Whether you are relocating for a new job, a new lifestyle, or simply to experience the many great things the city has to offer, there is much to know before moving to Washington DC.

To better prepare for your move, here are a few things you should know about living in our nation’s capital:

Learning the Local History

Washington DC is full of culture, national attractions, and historic landmarks–it’s the reason so many people flock to our great city. You don’t have to be a tourist to revel in the history and culture of the area; take the time to explore the many (and often free to visit) museums, galleries, and landmarks to truly appreciate the rich history of the area.

Taking On the Cost of Living

If you are moving to the area from a small town or city with a low cost of living, prepare yourself. Washington DC is consistently ranked one of the nation’s–and sometimes even the world’s–most expensive cities to live in. Luckily, you can ease the strain on your bank account a few ways, from buying outside of the downtown core (where the cost of living is highest) to commuting via the clean and usually reliable metro.

Beating the Traffic

Speaking of the metro, we recommend making use of its services as often as possible. The Washington DC traffic is often overwhelming; instead of driving, find a commuting route via public transit or a bike path.

Living the Washington DC Lifestyle

Washington DC is full of political and business-minded professionals, giving the city an energetic buzz. You will regularly be surrounded by suit and tie commuters who adhere to the more conservative dress code of the city, but don’t be dismayed –in Washington DC, we play just as hard as work. It’s easy to do with so many upscale bars, parks, and community events that ease the hustle and bustle of city life.

Navigating the Neighborhoods

Do you want to live in the heart of the city? Or are you looking for a quiet suburb to settle down in? If you are thinking about moving to the area, you will need help pinpointing the neighborhood that fits your lifestyle, budget, and plans for the future. To find it, see our community guides for the SouthwestNortheast, Southeast, and Northwest areas of Washington DC.

Finding the Right Team to Help

Whether you have never visited the city or you are already familiar with its charm, finding your next home here requires the help of experts. With The Stokes Group, you will be backed by years of experience, a first-hand knowledge of the area, full-time commitment, and more.

To get started, let us know what you are looking for in your next home here, call us at 202.270.1081, or send us an email at anslie@thestokesgroup.com.

The Stokes Group is a team of dedicated professionals who have passion for the real estate business and will advocate for our clients with the utmost honesty, integrity, and confidentiality. We believe in building solid relationships with our clients and that starts by getting to know who we are. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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