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New to Trick-or-Treating in Chevy Chase, DC? Here is What YOU Need to Know!

  1. In Chevy Chase, DC, we trick-or-treat ON Halloween even if that falls on a school night
  2. The wee ones in the neighborhood will start trick-or-treating just before dusk so be sure to get your porch lights are on and your candy is ready! Sunset is at 6:08pm and the little ones will start venturing out around 5:30pm
  3. Lafayette Elementary has an adorable Halloween parade around the grounds of the of the park starting at 1:30pm
  4. Murch Elementary also has a super cute parade that will take place at their temporary campus at UDC starting at 2:45pm
  5. The stores on ‘The Avenue’ offer their ‘Spooktacular’ from 4-6pm where treats are passed out and pumpkins can be painted
  6. Rittenhouse between Broad Branch RD and Utah AVE is the epicenter of trick-or-treating in Chevy Chase, DC. The street and sidewalk can be very crowded so it might not be the best street if your little ones are afraid of big crowds or you are afraid of becoming separated from your children
  7. Teal pumpkins are a sign that non-food treats are available at that house for trick-or-treaters with food allergies
  8. PLEASE EXERCISE EXTREME CAUTION WHEN DRIVING. If you can avoid driving that evening then please do so. If you have to drive then please (please please) drive very slow, keep watch for children who may excitedly dart between cars and across streets.
  9. Consider giving your little ones glow sticks or reflector vests so they are easily visible by cars
  10. Turn off your porch light when you are done passing out candy or if you will not be home
  11. Most trick-or-treating will wrap up by 9pm but some older trick-or-treaters may trickle by after that
  12. Chevy Chase is a popular ‘destination’ for trick-or-treaters from other parts of the city so be sure to welcome everyone and show them what makes this neighborhood so wonderful

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