Renovation on Oliver ST

| Anslie's Renovation On Oliver ST | By Anslie Stokes

When Will and I got engaged in 2009, we immediately began house hunting. We loved our home in Glover Park but knew we wanted to start a family and would quickly need more space. In March of 2011, then 8 months pregnant with Alex, I saw a house hit the market at 9am on a Thursday. I was touring it 15 minutes later with Will on speaker phone and we decided to make an offer on it immediately (Will was able to see it in person later that day). It was a classic 1920s American Four Square just one block from the neighborhood elementary school in Chevy Chase, DC. We could already envision the renovation to the existing house and the addition we would put on the back.

Our vision came to life and we moved into our newly renovated home late in 2011. We started taking walks around our new neighborhood with Alex in the stroller and a house one block over immediately caught our eye. Every time we passed it I would always say something along the lines of ‘well if that house ever hits the market then we might want to consider it’. We added two additional boys along the way but we kept walking by the house and kept feeling like it was calling to us.

It finally hit the market last year, after remaining in the same family for over 50 years, and we finally got to see the house on the inside. From the moment we stepped into the living room, we knew right away that it would be our new home. It’s a very special house, and as you might guess I’ve seen a lot of houses. This one spoke to us the way old houses sometimes do – we could feel the love and history vibrating through its walls but also could envision a 21st century update for our family of five. We bought it and immediately started planning our #RenovationOnOliverSt

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